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If you’re like me, you haven’t started thinking about sending your Holiday Cards yet. To be honest, the last few years I haven’t sent any Holiday Cards, but this year I might have to because there are so many nice looking cards out there and it does mean so much just to stay in touch with friends and family. It means a lot to me to get cards so it would be a nice gesture for me to send some out. So the big question is – what do I send? I love Etsy because everything is creative and people will feel special getting something handmade. Also, I’m helping someone else out at the holidays. So I started looking there and found so many to choose from! I have narrowed it down to 10 for me and for you also if you are still shopping for cards yourself. In no particular order, here are my top ten:

The first ones are from Ali Design. Isn’t the owl so cute? He comes in a set of 8 and will be sent in a protective cello sheet so he will arrive in pristine condition.

HolidayCard AliDesign 300x260 Etsy Holiday CardsHolidayCard3 AliDesign 300x281 Etsy Holiday Cards

This beautiful red tree comes in a set of 12 and is from A PunkinCardCompany. They will be sent in a chocolate box which you will be able to be reuse.

HolidayCard2 APunkinCardCompany 225x300 Etsy Holiday CardsHolidayCard1 APunkinCardCompany 225x300 Etsy Holiday Cards

PaperandBling is having a 20% off sale! I love the variety of Christmas trees they use in this card. Each one may be slightly different depending on how the paper is cut but equally fun and unique.

HolidayCard1 PaperandBling1 300x198 Etsy Holiday CardsHolidayCard3 PaperandBling 300x198 Etsy Holiday Cards

This set of 6 Holiday Letterpress Ornaments is from Letterpress Light. What a beautiful combination of shapes and colors being used in the ornament. They have other Letterpress cards that are really nice also. So go take a look!

HolidayCard3 LetterpressLight 300x224 Etsy Holiday CardsHolidayCard1 LetterpressLight 300x224 Etsy Holiday Cards

There is nothing sweeter than a black lab sitting in the snow. This set of 8 comes from Blomma. She has other black lab pictures in this series but you’ll have to look at them for yourself. This is Blomma’s favorite and I can see why.

HolidayCards2 Blomma 300x300 Etsy Holiday CardsHolidayCards1 Blomma 300x300 Etsy Holiday Cards

This woodland deer is from InkDropDesigns. It is digitally placed on a wood grained texture from her original photography. This set of 8 also includes the beautiful brown pearlescent envelopes. InkDropDesigns is having a Thanksgiving Sale so glance at her home page to see which items are included!

HolidayCards2 InkDropDesign 300x300 Etsy Holiday CardsHolidayCards1 InkDropDesign 300x300 Etsy Holiday Cards

I had another card all picked out from SweetBellaCards, but when I went to contact her about it, it was sold! Then I discovered this adorable Snowman. What is a Christmas Card without a snowman? SweetBellaCards will also do personal messages on the inside for you. You can also order matching custom return labels. It comes in a set of 10.

HolidayCards3 SweetBellaCards 300x170 Etsy Holiday CardsHolidayCards5 SweetBellaCards1 300x198 Etsy Holiday Cards

IttyBittyPress has a set of 6 of these beautiful silver snowflakes. Definitely not for your grey depressing nights. They will come packaged in clear kraft top box.

HolidayCards1 IttyBittyPress 300x199 Etsy Holiday CardsHolidayCards2 IttyBittyPress 300x199 Etsy Holiday Cards

Fubabee has set the crystals in these starbursts by hand. What a fun holiday card to receive! This is a set of 12 and you will receive blue, chocolate and white envelopes. A nice variety to send out to all your friends and relatives.

HolidayCards1 Fubabee 300x237 Etsy Holiday CardsHolidayCards2 Fubabee 300x224 Etsy Holiday Cards

These penguins are the original artwork of  VieiraGirl. If you don’t like the pink scarf, then she also has them in blue. She’s having a Holiday Sale and is offering free shipping until December 1.

HolidayCards2 VieiraGirl 223x300 Etsy Holiday CardsHolidayCards VieriaGirl 223x300 Etsy Holiday Cards

I hope that helps you pick some holiday cards to send out to your friends!

pixel Etsy Holiday Cards


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  1. Jay Frank says:

    Thanks for featuring our snowflake cards!

  2. blomma says:

    Thanks so much for picking my lab card! It’s an honor to be among your top 10 picks!

  3. The ChicGeek says:

    No problem! :-) Your lab cards are adorable!

  4. The ChicGeek says:

    My pleasure!!

  5. Lelia Steinerkert says:

    Holiday credit cards could be a lot much more than pre-printed credit cards stuffed in envelopes with mailing labels applied. With some imagination and also the correct greeting card supplier, a greeting card can be a truly special, higher higher high quality present that projects organization professionalism as nicely as heartfelt wishes for that holiday season.

  1. A Punkin Card Company » Blog Archive » A Punkin Card Company is Featured in ChicGeek Designs says:

    [...] over at ChicGeek Design was nice enough to feature A Punkin Card Company’s Red Tree Holiday Card. Check it out! [...]

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