{Green Living Series} Re-Purpose Items

I’m very excited about this series as it stretches me to think creatively in my design and living and I hope in yours too. Today I’m going to focus on re-purposing items, or using items in a totally different way than they were meant to be used. To be honest, once I started looking into this, I couldn’t stop!

1. Use vintage suitcases as a side table

~ I admit, this is something I’ve been dying to try for awhile but I just haven’t found the perfect vintage suitcases that I’ve been willing to spend the money on!

Suitcases SimpleOrganic edited {Green Living Series} Re Purpose Items

2. Use a dresser in the Foyer as a storage unit

~ I love this look and the idea of having all this storage in my foyer! What a great place to hide mail, keys, purses, etc.

repurpose theupsideofdownsizing edited {Green Living Series} Re Purpose Items

3. Take old cans, paint them and use them for pencil storage

~ What a money saving tip too! And here I was looking for a nice pencil storage and they were all $7! Great idea!

Re purpose Cans YoungHouseLove edited {Green Living Series} Re Purpose Items

4. Use pretty juice jars as vases

~ I would have never guessed these were apple juice jars. Would you have?

applejuicevases repurposed YoungHouseLove edited {Green Living Series} Re Purpose Items

5. Old card catalog drawer for kitchen storage

~ I love the antique look of this – especially since it says “Paris”!

repurpose paris storage renest edited {Green Living Series} Re Purpose Items

6. Speaking of card catalogs, use one as a butcher block

~ I think it’s the book lover in me but I just love the look of re-purposed card catalogs!

re purpose library card cabinat renest edited {Green Living Series} Re Purpose Items

7.  Use a crate with some old fabric in it for a dog bed

Isn’t this adorable? If I had a dog (I’d hint to hubby but he doesn’t read this icon wink {Green Living Series} Re Purpose Items ) I’d totally try this! But the small puppy I want (a Yorkie) might need a step stool!

re purpose dogbed renest edited {Green Living Series} Re Purpose Items

8. Use pipes as legs for a table

~ This is just an awesome look. I can’t say anything more about it.

pipes renest repurpose edited {Green Living Series} Re Purpose ItemsWhat ways do you re-purpose furniture? Did you get any good ideas to use in your house from this pictures?

Images from: 1. SimpleOrganic 2. TheUpsideofDownsizing 3 and 4. YoungHouseLove 5-8. Re-nest

pixel {Green Living Series} Re Purpose Items

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  1. Lisa Liguori says:

    I love this decorating style. I actually use quite a few of them! Simple and chic, is what I like. I love your photos and I really enjoy looking thru your blog to get inspired. And to confirm I am dong the right thing (or not, as the case may be ;-)
    Lisa Liguori´s last [type] ..You Gotta Let It Cook Natural Mineral Makeup Foundation

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