Yes, my Christmas Tree is still up .. and other random confessions

It is a month after Christmas and yes, my Christmas tree is still standing in my living room. Yes, it’s a live tree (well, not so much anymore!). It is empty of ornaments and lights now so we are making progress. It looks a little sad and lonely at the point but it has brought me so much joy looking at it over the past month. I’m really going to miss it. I always give my husband a hard time telling him we should just decorate our late Christmas trees with Valentine’s Day hearts or something. He has yet to bite and always puts the tree away before I get to that point. Such a shame! (Yes, I had a pink Christmas tree filled with my Starbucks ornaments!)

photo 29 thumb Yes, my Christmas Tree is still up .. and other random confessionsimage 5 thumb Yes, my Christmas Tree is still up .. and other random confessions

I have been debating whether to continue this blog as a lifestyle blog or start a new one. I have gotten feedback on both sides and am still undecided. I’ve had ChicGeek Designs for two years now and it would be hard to part with it. But at the same time, maybe it’s time for a new, fresh start. What are your thoughts? While I loved doing fashion posts, with my recent new job, all I wear is black. And I really don’t want to show you all my black pictures. I don’t have that much variety with my outfits now. I’d rather just talk about what I want to talk about and I know that family and friends stop by to see what’s going on in my life and just doing fashion posts takes away from that.

I’ve been sitting in the sauna once/twice a week. Apparently it is suppose to help with my chronic fatigue as my doctor believes that the virus stays in the fat layer and by sitting in the infrared sauna, it helps flush out the fat layer. I’ve only gone twice so far so I don’t know how it’s helping. I go once more later this week. I do know this – it’s hot in there! (I know, duh. But I really don’t like the heat so it’s hard) and I get really bored sitting in there by myself for 30-45 minutes with no phone, no music, no technology, no books, etc. Just me and my thoughts. Really scary!

I love the sound of tennis balls in the background. At night I’m able to watch the Australian Open and there’s something about the sound of a tennis ball going back and forth that I just love. I’m debating trying to start playing tennis again in the spring. I’d really love to be out there again. But we’ll see how it goes.

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Speaking of TV, I am LOVING Downton Abbey on PBS. I can see why it won so many awards! Between Downton Abbey and PanAm, my Sunday night tv line-up is just perfect.

I never realized how much I missed Oreo cookies until my sweet hubby found some gluten free cookies that are almost like Oreos. Wow. Just a little piece of heaven for me. Other foods I have missed: my mom’s sugar cookies at Christmas, cheesecake, fried chicken, cheese, hamburger helper, cheesy rice, Panera bagels and cream cheese, chocolate candy bars, twizzlers…. See a theme? All unhealthy for me anyways, but oh man, to have a piece of cheesecake – divine. But I am thankful for the foods I can eat and for more companies putting out gluten-free foods.

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Source: bakerella.com via Lori on Pinterest

I turned in my resignation letter to my last job this week. I know it seems weird that it’s so late but there was a chance I would go back if there was a position available and if I could work part-time. Things finally came to an end last week and we parted ways. It was definitely bitter-sweet.

So that’s all my random confessions at the moment. What are yours? Is your Christmas tree still up?

pixel Yes, my Christmas Tree is still up .. and other random confessions


  1. Rachel says:

    Hey, Elby,

    Well, I don’t know about changing the name of the blog, but if you want to talk about whatever you feel like talking about, go for it. That’s what I do. So, if a name change is required, so be it. But there’s freedom in being able to talk about anything you darn well want to. And if you’ve just gone shopping and want to model all your new clothes, then go for that, too!

    I’m sure that all your readers will follow you to a new blog, if that’s what you choose to do. Then you can blog about family, fashion, work, your health, and whatever’s been touching your heart on a certain day.

    I think my blog is kind of random, but I hope that my own readers enjoy that. I don’t like being boxed in, so you’ll find plenty of seeing the sights, chasing after the kids, and then lots of talking about books and movies, when I can’t think of anything else. It’s my life, and I talk about what goes on!

    Sorry, long response. Our tree isn’t still up, but I think it’s still in pieces behind the couch. We had to take it down because the kittens kept using the bathroom underneath it. : )


  2. katie says:

    a. i love this post… because you say what you want!
    b. i had a really hard tim parting with my christmas tree this year, too! we only took it down 2 weeks ago :) i totally hear you on that!
    katie´s last [type] ..fun things to do with your husband

  3. Rachele says:

    I think you should blog about your life – your real life. The good, the bad, the ugly. If you are going to be happy you need to be true to you. If you want to blog about building blogs, blog it. If you want to blog about how crappy your illness makes you feel, blog it. If you want to blog about hating to wear black, blog it.

    BE TRUE TO YOU!!! That’s my advice!!!

  4. Elisse says:

    I know your goal for 2012 is to focus, so if this current blog isn’t serving your need to express yourself, then I absolutely support you changing to a new blog. Sit on the idea for a little bit more – don’t be afraid of the need to change :) It may prove to be quite exciting!

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